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Digital Marketing

With our Digital Gurus, we can provide your Business with the latest and powerful techniques in Digital Marketing Field, Starting from the “Social Media Moderation, Media Buying, Search Engine Optimization SEO, Search Engine Marketing SEM – Google Ads ending by the email marketing campaigns and SMS Campaigns. Using all the previous channels we will serve your brand to achieve the required Opjectives.

Vision & Mission

  • Abu Hashem Company aims to provide its services, capabilities and experience in the fields of logistical services for importers and exporters of all kinds of goods.

  • The company provides its services for duty- paid goods or for non duty- paid goods inside and outside the port.


With our talented Photographers, we can serve your business by creating a top high end images Quality, We have our dedicated studios to serve the line of Ecommerce product photography, Also we have Our deal with Amazon to cover Alexandria Area with our team & our own Hub.

Content Creation

We can provide you with the International Guidelines through our Ecommerce content creation service, we are one of the market leaders in the ecommerce industry, We are serving the market key plyers in the ecommerce local market like “ &”.


We are different because we provide fast services at the lowest cost, which reduces any additional costs on the incoming and outgoing goods 

 and this effect on:

Reducing the price of the goods in the Egyptian market in order the local product can competing in international markets.
 Achieve integration between the interests of importers and exporters and the national economy.

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