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Whatever your products are, we can provide you with adequate storage space and storage conditions. We have our own warehouses located within the customs area as well as warehouses at Dekheila and Alexandria ports. The stores are maintained and monitored on an ongoing basis through multiple systems to ensure products are well stored.

 Storage services inside and outside the customs area

  • The company managing warehouses within the customs are in Alexandria and Dekheila ports and the customs deposit yard in El Qabari for storing customs duties uncleared goods for licensed warehouses, adjacent to Alexandria port for storage customs duties cleared goods and under custody until their final release.

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Advantages of Abou Hashem For Storage, Transport & Logistics warehouses

  • Honored to offer storage in the group warehouses outside the customs area for custom cleared imported goods.

  •  The warehouses are licensed and valid for transport and storage is under custody until final matching

Company Warehouses Advantages

  1. Licensed and certified in all ports of the Republic for storage food, chemical and general merchandise.

  2. The lowest storage price for warehouses working in the field of storage of under custody, customs cleared goods.

  3. Very close to Alexandria and El Dekhaila ports.

  4. Secured with self-extinguishing networks, security personnel and surveillance cameras 24 hours.

  5. Operate 24/7

  6. The total storage space is 22,000 square meters, with all human possibilities and equipment that help in the storage process.

  7. Wide places for processing operations.

  8. Providing transportation to and from warehouses at the best prices.

The company provides all transport, loading & unloading services in addition to specialists in these fields:


Land, sea and air freight services

Truck with APL Container at Global Gatew

Owns a developed fleet of transport vehicles to transport goods inside and outside the customs area.

Shipping and customs clearance services

Storage for others

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We are proud to have a sophisticated and comprehensive fleet. 
It is one of the most important things to carry out your operations.
This fleet can accommodate no less than five different types of transport vehicles -regular-refrigerated-freezers-trailer-and trucks enabling us to provide exceptional and reliable services.

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